Automatic packaging 2.0: EnvePac as W+D POEM modernization and rebuilt solution 04/16/2021

W+D automatic packing machines have been in use in the envelope industry for more than 20 years. Our newly developed modernization package offers all the possibilities of current drive and control technology to take your EnvePac to the next level.


With the EnvePac modernization package from W+D POEM, we offer you a number of benefits:


  • Use of modern, uniform drive and control technology
  • Consolidation of individual controllers in a central control system
  • New HMI with significantly increased operating and diagnostic comfort
  • Significant reduction of critical spare parts as the variety of motors and drives used has been limited to a minimum


We have also incorporated some mechanical improvements to increase wear resistance and robustness, thus reducing the operating costs of your system. To avoid lengthy machine downtimes, we offer you our proven “Hot Swap Concept” for this project:

POEM supplies a modernized packing machine in the desired configuration. The exchange at your site takes place within three days, even on the weekend, if possible. The old packing machine can subsequently be taken in payment by POEM.

The contact person for your questions is Oliver Rake,, tel.: +49 2631 84 529.

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