W+D POEM’s move to a new hall03/08/2016

Shortly before its 15th anniversary, W+D POEM moved into a new hall on W+D's premises in Neuwied and thus expanded its warehouse, workshop and floor space by around 40%. The market leader for used machinery and accessories in the area of envelope machines and offset is thus pursuing a sustainable growth strategy based on strong demand for high-quality, high-performance used machinery.

By moving, POEM has responded to the trend toward combining modernization work on machines with technical upgrades. This makes for a constantly high order backlog and therefore a greater need for modern working and storage space with a good infrastructure.

In the 2,500 square meter modern, light-flooded assembly hall, four heavy-duty cranes allow for the space to be used in a flexible and efficient manner. Together with centralization of work areas, this leads to shorter throughput times and higher productivity, which means faster modernization and delivery of the machines for POEM customers. The future set-up of the hall calls for merging certain types of work in specially designated areas. The new hall combines all activities from cleaning, painting, pre- to final assembly and its own electrical workshop under one roof. A separate area was created for the rebuilding program for offset machines that has established itself on the market for over 5 years, but also for storage and marketing of machine accessories.

The POEM GmbH homepage that was completely redesigned just recently has been extended to include a list of new and used accessories. A tour of the hall allows visitors to get to know the whole range of services that POEM GmbH offers. Usually, machines can be seen in the condition they were delivered in, but also disassembled, and completely overhauled. Since all refurbished machines are also tested here, many customers take advantage of the opportunity to be present when their machine is tested prior to it being shipped. They appreciate the comprehensive and thorough workup of their investments by POEM's highly qualified employees. The consistently expanded range of services that POEM offers meets with a lot of praise. As part of the W+D Group, POEM is the only used machinery dealer who offers customers the chance to configure their machines and expand the scope of services to suit the user's needs. Buying a used machine from a W+D Group company minimizes the risks and allows customers to access the manufacturer's expertise and specialized knowledge.

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